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Since 1998, the Law Office of Laura Stodden Parker has helped clients prepare for and handle life changes through the use of a variety of estate planning tools, including wills and trusts. Our firm is founded on a commitment to helping clients provide for their families, make informed decisions, and leave a legacy that reflects their goals and values. We practice exclusively in estate planning, probate and trust administration.

Our firm's founding attorney, Laura Stodden Parker, has devoted her career to those fields. She has nearly two decades of experience helping clients navigate the legal considerations that accompany significant life changes. Likewise, our staff members share more than 35 years of experience. Together, we provide high-quality legal services that are tailored to fit each client's individual needs and goals.

Why Estate Planning?

We value the opportunity we have to help our clients provide for their families and communities. They wish to leave a legacy — an indelible mark that makes the world a better place. Our goal is to meet the needs of families and individuals. We also help those who wish to leave a lasting positive impact on their communities.

Although it can be difficult to work through the loss of a loved one, through their loved one's estate plan, we strive to show family and friends the care and devotion their loved one possessed for them.

We help clients find peace of mind by planning for the future and providing for their loved ones.

Clients commonly remark that they came to our office burdened with worries and concerns, but they left with the clarity and comfort of knowing their affairs are in order.

Protecting Your Assets By Planning Your Future

Our priority is to help you prepare an estate plan that fully reflects your situation and your wishes. After hearing your story and learning about your family, we will assist you with:

  • Drafting an effective will and/or trust that defines your wishes
  • Selecting appropriate individuals to serve as your trustee, executor, agent for durable power of attorney for finances, agent for health care or as guardian for your children
  • Planning now to avoid probate and related expenses
  • Planning for possible incapacity and developing a health care directive and durable power of attorney for finances
  • Minimizing estate taxes upon your death

Whether your estate is worth $500,000 or $5 million, we will create a plan that you feel comfortable with, that you understand, that protects your investments, and that provides for your and your family's future.

Bringing Clarity To Legal Complexities

Estate planning and probate are complicated areas of law, particularly when they involve complex estates or high-value assets. We pride ourselves on the ability to explain intricate legal concepts in readily understandable terms. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. To that end, we also work with a valuable network of tax advisers, CPAs, appraisers, financial advisers and other professionals to meet each client's full range of needs.

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To learn more, contact us at 530-792-1559. Our office is centrally located in downtown Davis, California. Lawyer Laura Stodden Parker serves clients throughout California.